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Ace Nelson

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Are you kidding me? No, really... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?!?!?!?! [Dec. 8th, 2010|04:37 pm]
Ace Nelson
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Ahem... Here we go again. At a time in my life where my patience for people and the general optimism of this country's future and political discourse that I personally hold happens to be at a rather low point... Someone just happens to go out there and SHORTEN MY FREAKING FUSE!!!


In this assault of rather well-deserved righteous indignation, Keith Olbermann manages to bring to light a few very good points about the current "tail-between-the legs" retreat (i.e.: compromise) that our current president has just engaged in regarding the newest tax "deal" that was struck in Washington DC. Admittedly, I voted for the guy. Admittedly, I voted for the vast majority of the administration that came to power as of January 2008. I voted, as many others, believing that the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence of a politician with clear-cut ideas running a comparatively clean campaign and engaging the voters with an inclusive platform can really turn this country around.

"We are not bound to a person, we are bound to ideals." Truer words could not have been spoken. However, it's easier to make our ideals tangible when there is a person who not only let's said ideals flow through prose, but empowers them through action. Enter: Barack Obama; the 44th President of the United States of America... Or so I thought. Compromise and bipartisanship are all fine and dandy as abstracts. They're even better when the other side of the conversation is composed of even SEMI-reasonable entities willing to return the favor. Want to know something else that would temper those ideals into a true weapon for change, justice and national redemption, with the added accuracy of a surgical laser as compared to a nuclear bombardment? Simple. That something else is COMMON SENSE!

When the realization struck that duplicitous, morally bankrupt snakes like Sens. Boehner, McCain & co. would be doing naught but saying "NO" to everything proposed by our Democratic Commander in Chief, THAT should've been the moment where Mr. President should've said the following:

"If all you'll say is no, then explain to the American people why you're so intent on lining your pockets at the cost of their well-being and possibly their very lives."

That should've been the point where President Obama had gone full throttle and committed the entirety of his power to truly setting things right. When Health Care was up for debate, compromise should've been the LAST thing on the menu. When it came to DADT, why the FUCK did the guy in charge drag his ass instead of going the simpler route and WIPING OUT THAT POLICY ALTOGETHER? As for financial reform? Well... It was more mealy-mouthed, gutless, "F is for Friends who do stuff together" pussyfooting and attempts a bipartisanship!

What did the American people get out of this? We got a placebo of a health care bill that does next to nothing to truly protect us and assure anything remotely decent in terms of coverage and treatment. We got financial reform overseen largely by the very same robber barons that put our asses in a sling in the first place. We got a judge in Riverside, CA (damn near the center of Conservative Country in that state) saying "Fuck you, Obama Administration and your disgusting so-called fierce advocacy!" And it took that ruling to finally set into motion the chain of events necessary to bring us closer to ending discrimination in our military and protect our interests at home and abroad. In the judge's case, much respect to you compared to the cowards that comprise the majority of our Supreme Court. Thomas and Alito, I'm looking dead at YOU!

All that I've ranted and raged on up to this point has left me burning with the kind of fury that I tend to reserve for those that hurt my family and friends. Yet it's taken a step further. At the 7:59 mark in Olbermann's commentary, a senior member of THIS administration made this remark in response to his general analysis of the reality that nobody with good sense is taking any more of the President's half-measures:

"Well, then they must not have read the details."

Are you kidding me? Seriously? We must not have READ THE FUCKING DETAILS? So, we can't possibly understand why you're caving to the Republican blackguards that you so rightly called "Hostage Takers," Mr. President? So, we couldn't work our way through the madness of you not getting off your ass to end DADT in order to find the method behind it? So, are you meaning to tell me and the millions of Americans like me facing unemployment, homelessness and WORSE that there's angles behind your waffling on financial reform and your spinelessness regarding health care reform, that only YOU can see yet are REFUSING to point out so that we can start to believe in you again?

And you want to get pissed off at those of us that support you (well, USED TO support you) because we're expressing concerns about your ability to keep to your word in the face of stonewalling, money hungry, Tea Party fellating jackwagons like Jim mother-fucking DeMint? Mr. President... Sir... (I hesitate to even call you "Sir," now)... If you won't find a way to regenerate the intestinal fortitude and strength of character you've displayed during the 2008 campaign or even grow some anew, then you have forfeited more than just your chance for reelection. You've pissed away your chance to even be nominated and any sort of support you may have had in the process. And no amount of smiling, exposed humanity or "Hope, Change, Kumbaya" BULLSHIT that you may spew from here forth will change that.
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Blackjack Battle Journal: 9th September, 2008 [Sep. 9th, 2008|05:47 pm]
Ace Nelson
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...And now for (as Keith Olbermann would call it) a Special Comment on the tacky, tasteless and downright offensive response by Meghan McCain about Barack Obama's (quite apt) commentary about how Sen. John McCain "just doesn't get it." To those of my fellow Americans who read this and wear the uniform as former, current and/or future United States soldiers, you have my greatest admiration and respect. I, personally, cannot fathom what it takes... The kind of intestinal, psychological and testicular/ovarian fortitude it would take to step out onto the global battlefield in the face of enemies seeking to perforate you with bullets and on behalf of a current government that seems not to give more than even a flying rat's ass on a fart-scented breeze. Whatever gives you the ability to serve even against those odds, I salute you for it. Even you, Lieutenant Commander John Sidney McCain III. However, now it seems that your clear senility is more like a DNA-based dementia that carries the unfortunate side effects of apathy, ignorance and short-term memory loss. Well... That is, in addition to the lack of the aforementioned fortitude. That brings me to the meat and bones of my Special Comment.

For a little background, the commentary from Sen. Obama came during his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO almost two weeks ago. Fast forward to Tuesday morning, September 9, 2008. On NBC's "The Today Show," the opportunity as offered by host Meredith Vieira to respond to the statement. The opportunity was offered to someone who might offer a decent amount of insight into the mind of Sen. POW: his NON-adoptive daughter, Meghan. Needless to say, she obviously shares John McCain's disgusting ignorance toward the suffering of American families outside of her own and any of the brown-nosing, spineless, George W. Bush STOOLIES in Washington!


Ahem... Excuse me, Meghan... Nobody, other than your family, knows what war is like? Period? Period!?!? PERIOD!?!?!?!?!? Have you been living your life with your head AND that silver spoon stuck so far up your hindparts that you are THAT clueless about the views of the people you're supposed to call your fellow Americans? Are you that vapid... that stereotypically blonde... that ARROGANT that you would claim an absolute corner on the "knowledge of war" market? There's a long-since dead master that knows about war. He WROTE THE FREAKING BOOK on it! His name is Sun Tzu. Look him up sometime.

You have "two brothers serving in the military." Guess what? I have two sisters putting their lives on the line for our country. "...One that's about to redeploy to Iraq." BOTH my sisters are still in the desert thanks to the failed government your father supports and wishes to continue. Your daddy's "...obviously a famous war hero..." Here's a news flash: Your father was the lucky bastard that was held in Hoa Lo. When he came home, he was celebrated as a "hero." Meanwhile, when coming back from the same, poorly administrated war, the likes of true heroes like Sgt. E4 Kenneth Ralph Nelson Sr. and Aaron Norris were treated as two-inches short of cowards and traitors.

Note: There are millions more out there who can more capably than myself, name their fathers as heroes for making the same sacrifice. However, I doubt any of them can willingly make such a reprehensible misstep as this.

Say, Meghan... Ask your father how it feels to have one's shoulder destroyed by a rifle butt. Or how it feels to get pierced by the blade of a bayonet. Then and ONLY then can you even think of beginning to know what war is like. Yet, even after that much deserved retribution for your downright insolence, don't you DARE claim that you or your family has the market conered on war! I can only hope that John McCain IV doesn't contract the stupidity that seems to be flooding yours and your father's veins.

Good night, and good luck.
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First Post in 29 Weeks... AND IT'S POLITICAL? Holy shit! [Jun. 10th, 2008|01:49 pm]
Ace Nelson
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[Current BGM |"Strength of My Friends" ~Big Bang Beat OP]

By way of necessary preface, I gotta make it clear that I am neither Republican NOR Democrat. I am an Independent voter and my choices in any election are based on how the policies and platforms match what I think passes fo common sense.,

I like to think of myself as fairly cool-headed and patient, most days. However, the recent actions of certain public figures had triggered my violent allergy to stupidity. I've tried and tried to remain reserved, not shapening my blade... But events insist.

Senator John McCain: What else can I say that hasn't been said already? How deep does your hypocrisy go? You claim to be a "candidate fo change." By that claim alone, you're co-opting your opponent Sen. Obama and thus making yourself a liar. Couple this with your basic, full-throated endorsement and continuation of Bush's appalling economic and foreign policy, and most people could rightly call you "Diet Bush," or "Bush's Twin!" You would promote this beating-a-dead-horse war, yet YOU bravely served this great country in a similarly mistimed and poorly fought conflict! Your voting record shows how you've supported numerous anti-abortion and pro-life policies, basically saying that you couldn't care less about the lives of women who need abortion procedures for various reasons. Yet now, you're trying to court... No... To BROWNNOSE Hillary Clinton and her most ardent voter base: A base largely composed of WOMEN! And even this week, you deny making claims that the media treated Clinton unfairly during your "suck up sessions." I think you were sufficiently called out when a previous speech of yours was replayed with you stating disappointment over Clinton's treatment by the media. Listen, the same thing goes for the media as it does for restaurant staff: DON'T SCREW WITH THE PEOPLE THAT HANDLE YOUR FOOD OR YOUR SOUND BYTES!!!!!!

Geraldine Ferraro: Oh, good GOD, woman! What is your problem? Two decades ago, you said of Rev. Jesse Jackson's candidacy for our nation's top office (a candidacy where the likely purpose was to inspire Black Americans), that "...if Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race." Here we are, now in 2008 and you wish to spew the same tactless drivel about a candidate who is SERIOUS about victory in Barack Obama?
"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. If he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept." This quote was taken from your remarks in the Torrance, CA "Daily Breeze" on 2/27 of this year.
"If Barack Obama were white... or a woman of any color, would he be in this position that he's in? Absolutely not." This was taken from your commentary on a Fox Radio newscast mere days before.
Guess what, Ferraro? You're in a time and place that harbors NO love for such disgusting, almost laughable and blatant bigorty as yours. One can only hope that you figuratively and LITERALLY choke on your gimmick, you racist sow. The moment you spewed your nonsense, Hillary Rodham Clinton should've strangled you herself!

The Clinton Camp: Now that my focus is brought moreso to the Clinton Camp... Senator... Mr. EX-President... Although your skill is unquestionable, your arrogance is infuriating. You cast yourself as the "Inevitable" Democratic nominee. You made numerous claims that the Primaries against Sen. Obama would be over by Super Tuesday. History has proven you wrong. Even when Sen. Obama was clearly ahead in the munbers, you had the sheer temerity to offer him the VP spot on "your" ticket. And let's not forget the fact that it took you nealy a full week to enact anything resembling a graceful exit after your defeat! To make things worse, during your campaign several disgraceful statements were made on the part of you and your constituency. Both your former campaign officer and your own husband had tried to turn a campaign about ISSUES into a campaign about RACE! Bill and Ferraro (even the mention of the "creature" sickens me) made dismal commentary equating Obama's candidacy to Jesse Jackson and chalking it up to being naught but an affirmative action stunt. Even YOU would stoop so low as to invoke the grimmest chapters of this country's history by referencing the Kennedy assassinations in connection to Obama wrapping up the nomination in June! 40 years to the day that Bobby Kennedy made the same progress only to die before e can greet the next sunrise! There shouldn't have been simple slaps on the hand, but firm comprehensive retribution for the deplorable actions on your campaign's part! Though I do not oppose your candidacy or deny the fact that you opened the door for capable women to run for the greatest political office, you have a LOOOOOOONG way to go before regaining my respect.

To all my friends reading this, I understand that this may be too little to late, but I just can't sit idly by and remain quiet any more. My first, long-overdue jounal update, and I'm on a political rant. How about that?

-Stand Strong, Stay True
"Blazing Ace" Nelson 6/10/2008
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BlackJack Battle Journal: ACE GETS PISSED! [Nov. 17th, 2007|03:20 am]
Ace Nelson
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[Current BGM |"Pulse of the Maggots" ~Slipknot]

BONUS ROUND: Ace's Rants
This is the kind of shit that pisses me off to no end. As a person, I try to be understanding, objective and level-headed. Most days, I succeed. As an artist, I try to look at another's work, as well as my own, in the same mindset. One would hope that there would be others out there that would do the same. Especially on DeviantArt, a place that boasts being the largets art community on the web. The problem being... There doesn't really seem to be a sense of "community" there, these days. Especially in this particular case. Allow me to elaborate for all you sports fans at home and just tuning in. Check it out.

On DeviantArt, there so happens to be a member who goes by the handle "KibaAndAkamaru." For those who watch Naruto, you'll get the reference immediately. Anywho, this artist, hereafter referred to as "Kiba" is, simply put, amazing. At the start of her time on DA, she posted pics which utilized references from two particularly well-know and well-loved artists: Hyung Tae Kim and Shunya Yamashita. Look 'em up. Good stuff there. Anywho, in these pics, Kiba made it perfectly clear that she used their artwork for reference and gave credit where it's due. Needless to say, there were those on DA who call themselves "fans" of Yamashita and HTK who claim that she's "nothing but a tracer" and "defacing their artwork." For those of you that know me... I rarely, if ever TRULY rant. However, this has definitely triggered my "violent allergy to stupidity."

Unfortunately, because of all the attacks that Kiba has been recieving on the part of certain low-brow, immature, thumb sucking, scum sucking, ill-tempered, piss poor, no good, dickless, brainless, spineless, worthless, cowardly, arrogant, illogical, retard fanboys/fangirls on DA... Kiba had resorted to completely deleting some of her pictures. For those of you who also have a DeviantArt account, please show your support for this excellent and skilled artist by checking out her journal at the link below to see what she has to put up with. I've left my impressions on these attacks as a reply there. Also, take a look at her artwork, fave the ones you like and leave some constructive critique to help her improve even more. Help make DA a "community" again.


Also, on a similar note, take a look at my DA page when you get the chance, as well.


Thanks for taking the time to read this little outburst.
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BlackJack Battle Journal: 12th November, 2007 [Nov. 12th, 2007|07:43 am]
Ace Nelson
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Well, sports fans, here we are. Another entry logged into the ol' Battle Journal, and thigs've been shaping up pretty decent, in all actuality. For those who responded to my previous post, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the past situation. Either way, I've pretty much gotten over it (Kenny, you know this firsthand, as we've discussed it) and I'm movin' on. Well, Let's Blaze, people!

Work for Project Dawn is coming along at a newly revitalized pace, thanks to a good friend of mine volunteering to helm the novelization of Crimson Dawn, Crimson Dusk and Legion of Heroes. I'm also recieving critiquing from her, as well as my lovely girlfriend on the artwork and character designs, thus further polishing them and bringing them to truly outstanding quality. Fated Edge and the BlackJack Press Summer Blitz (i.e. Trinity High and Foxfire) are coming along on schedule, as well.

What can I say? When the family's out there doin' their thing, I still got my friends to support me. Sure, I call up my brothers and parents regularly. Hell, I even got myself a MySpace mainly to keep in touch with 'em! However, just as I've got my life to live, they have theirs. So, even though I'm tough enough to stand on my own, when it comes down to it... I don't think I could've gotten this far without back up. So, to all my peoples: Danny, Rose, Ken, Chris... ALL you nutjobs... Thanks.

As hard-pressed to find a good starting point as I was before, THIS is even more difficult. I mean... Julie's such a large part of my life. She's a great person and an excellent friend. Moreso, though... She loves me just as fiercely and unconditionally as I love her. We've taken the time to talk about nearly everything, together. From simple subjects like the weather, to topics as deep as how we want to raise our children. Anything under the sun. If it matters to us, we can go to the other for a friendly ear. When this summer comes, and I make my move up to Washington, I'll be in heaven knowing that she'll be by my side.

Final Round: EPILOGUE
All-in-all, life's been pretty good. My birthday's coming up on Thursday, my friends and family are doing well... Good times, all around. If you made it to this part of the journal, then thanks a heap for sticking with me. Does a guy's heart proud. Well, gotta blitz, everybody. And now, for parting words from my internet hero, the Ninja...

"I look forward to partying with you soon! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIYAH!!!!!!"
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BlackJack Battle Journal: 18th October, 2007 [Oct. 18th, 2007|06:50 am]
Ace Nelson
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[How's it Shining? |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current BGM |"Daybreak's Bell" ~L'Arc en Ciel]

Here we go. Plenty o' shit's gone down in the past week or so.

BlackJack Press/ F5 Interactive:
Project Dawn is still pressing forward on schedule. Same with all the other projects, actually. So, no major updates, here.

THIS IS WHERE SHIT GETS AWFUL. Since I've apparently "attempted" over 90 units at San Bernardino Valley College (trying to complete a double major, mind you), I've been placed on FINANCIAL AID DISMISSAL! In short, I won't be getting Financial Aid AT ALL. What pisses me off even more is that less than a week later, I get another packet of the SAME papers from the Financial Aid office saying that I'm on dismissal after attempting over 72 units... WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE? MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MINDS!!!!!!!!

On the plus side, the few classes I have and are maintaining are simply a blast. Tuesdays and Thursdays I spend the day with my best gal-pal, my loving girlfriend, and three of the most warped, hilarious wise-ass teachers ever to grace the campus!

This is the section I was going to add to the previous Battle Journal. Instead, though, I'll lay it here in today's entry. THIS IS WHERE SHIT GETS WORSE.Over the past week, there has been, needlesss to say, serious drama. If any of my friends reading this wishes me to go into detail, email me. I'll respond on a case-by-case basis. However, let's just say that after an ex-friend (and it hurts me every time I say that) brought his girlfriend to meet the rest of us, shit went downhill. Lies were told, fights broke out and trust was completely destroyed. If there's one thing I despise, it's liars. Especially if they would stoop to stabbing those that call them "friend" in the back. Seeing someone close to my heart shedding tears on my shoulder had forced me to physically step into the fight, and as of now I am at the point where fighting and killing for my friends will become a definite reality.

Such is the life of The Professional. Anywho, here's to happy times ahead as the cold seasons finally descend upon the 909. Later.
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BlackJack Battle Journal: 8th October, 2007 [Oct. 8th, 2007|10:45 am]
Ace Nelson
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[Current BGM |The Legion of Heroes mp3 palylist on my iPod]

Wow! Been a whole month since I've last posted, eh? Well, let's get down to business, then. No time like the present.

BlackJack Press/ F5 Interactive:
For those of you that remember waaaaaaay back in July, I've been informed that next year's Anime Expo will be the professional debut of BJP's Foxfire. Meanwhile, one month prior, there will be a possible AKon debut of our flagship manga, Sankaku Gakuen: Trinity High. Gonna be a big summer in 2K8, don't you think? Also, coming down the pipeline from our game development and design house we have two major RPG's and an action-adventure game that's gonna rock the house. First is our heavy hitter Fated Edge, the epic science-fantasy tale of a young swordsman's quest for answers in a post-apocolyptic world where energy and the elements have been calculated and reengineered. Crimson Dawn, Crimson Dusk, and the recently announced Legion of Heroes make up what we've codenamed "Project Dawn." This will represent our more lighthearted, irreverent set of games. More details on those will be posted as available.

Well, August to October has been rough. My classes are coming along okay. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a financial pinch due to the slow-as-molasses-in-the-Arctic Financial Aid Office here at Valley. I'll be lucky to see my grant check sometime this semester. Since I didn't file my info at a point where I was unsure I even was going to be able to return to school... I'm looking at waiting until AFTER the 2nd disbursement NEXT MONTH to even see my FIRST payment. Needless to say, supplies and textbooks have been rough to come by.

I'll be updating more later. Hopefully later today. In the mean time, Happy Brawlin', everyone!
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BlackJack Battle Journal: 3rd September, 2007 [Sep. 3rd, 2007|10:28 am]
Ace Nelson
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[Current Location |Chillin' at home]
[How's it Shining? |Blazin']
[Current BGM |"Ending" ~F-Zero: The Transmitter]

Well, after 14 days on the road (4 spent on the HORRIBLE Greyhound busses and 10 in idyllic, serene Bellingham, Washington)... THE ACE-MAN IS BACK AND READY TO TAKE IT TO YA! Awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeah!

The past couple of weeks have been a truly positive and peaceful experience. While staying with my close friend/godbrother, Johnny, I got to explore the city and take in all the local hot spots and scenic views. Needless to say, for a harbor town on the West Coast that's 35 minutes shy of the Canadian border... There's a lot to take in. Trust me. Since Bellingham is also a college town, there's plenty of exposure for aspiring artists, musicians and other artistic do-gooders in the form of various weekly festivals and "open mic" nights at the local cafes.

Now that I've filled you all in on the public scenery and the life of the inner city, let's cut to the outer edges, the shore and the lakes. Put simply, MAJESTIC is the only way I can really describe it. You know the "purple mountains' majesty" in the Star Spangled Banner? THIS IS IT! Bellingham Bay and Squalicum Harbor have provided some of the most awe-insipring and calming scenery I've ever laid eyes on.

To tell the truth, this is one of those places where you've got no choice but to stop and smell the roses. Why? Because without all the smog, violence and general decay of SoCal... You can actually SEE them and smell them. Add to it the sheer magnitude of the realization that you can look across the bay and see the Alaskan coast, and you've got a mind-busting experience. One hour on a ferry, and you're chillin' in the Frozen North, baby!

Yeah. Bellingham just became my 2nd adopted hometown. I'll still never forget Dallas, though.


Now for some extra stuff to fill in my peeps on how the situation is with your Neighborhood Friendly Brawler. On the school front... Well... I'm taking 14 units, this semester to work toward my double major. On top of that, I'm diving headlong into my martial arts training, once more, with the help of my friends and my girlfriend. Add to this the continued work on BlackJack Press' current projects, and it all adds up to one potentially busy semester. The only problem: Financial Aid. For all the college students out there, YOU know what I'm talking about.

This semester, heck... this YEAR from now all the way to next June is gonna be about greater dedication to self-improvement.

The Ace-man is here to kick ass and take names. Wait... My pencil's broken. *wild smirk*
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BlackJack Battle Journal: 1st June, 2007 [Jun. 1st, 2007|08:26 am]
Ace Nelson
[Current Location |On my laptop]
[How's it Shining? |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current BGM |"At the Riverside" ~Dynasty Warriors Online OST]

It's been quite a while since I've posted a journal. So, I figured that my friends here could use a little bit of an update as to the goings on in the life of the Professional. So, here's the skinny.

It's the weekend of AKon and once more, I won't be able to make my way to Dallas for the convention. My second year missing it and it's really tearing me up, as I have too many friends I've made at the convention... Too many that even now I'm fighting back tears from missing them so much. To all my friends who've now converged on the Adam's Mark Hotel in beautiful Downtown Dallas, TX... I miss you all.

Now that the minor heartbreak is out of the way, down to the good stuff.

The spring semester is over at Valley College... Thank GOD!!!! There's been far too much drama for me to stand! However, plenty of good came out of it as well. Especially in the form of two people who're now very close friends of mine. You know who you are.

Life off campus has been okay. My training has been going steady and my music collection is simply to die for. For those who'e gotten a look at my iPod playlists, you know what I'm talkin' about. My artwork has also been pushing forward to newer heights and should all go well, I'll actually have something published by AnimEXPO 2K7 this July. The only negative to off-campus life is the job situation. If nothing comes through by the weekend AFTER AX, I may have no choice but to leave California to make a fresh start for myself. It'll be in a place other thn Dallas, like I originally hoped, but it's necessary.

Now, onto the personal bits. Well, as much of them as I feel like spillin the beans on. Since my last entry, there have been a few ups and downs with me and my sweetheart. The details will remain, as they should, between the two of us. However, our relationship has really strengthened because of it. It's like with each passing day, not only do I grow stronger, but so does my love for her.

Well, enough babbling from me. My friends, I really hope to keep in touch with you. You got my number. If not, contact me so you can get it. Hearing a friendly voice does as much for me as making sure I get a good hamburger... and that's PLENTY, trust me. Hope to hear from you all soon.

~Ace Nelson
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Battle Journal: February 8, 2007 [Feb. 8th, 2007|11:09 pm]
Ace Nelson
[Current Location |home]
[How's it Shining? |unstoppable]
[Current BGM |"Esaka" ~The King of Fighters 1996 AST]

Training Regimen (3x per day):
20 standard push ups
20 reverse-incline knuckle push ups
20 crunches
10 minute punching drill
5 minute kick drill
25 minute blitzkrieg
45 minutes meditation and ki focus

Consider this... a reintroduction of sorts.

My name is Timothy Nelson. Over my 23 years, I've gone by many names amongst my friends. As of now, I am simply "Ace." The wild card. At points the most negligible. At other times, unstoppable. I am a man that exists between extremes and in doing so personifies balance, versatility and practicality. The sum of all my parts (the fighter, the artist, the joker, the romantic) make up a person of what some have called "peerless character."

As a fighter, I pride myself on my speed, precision and flexibility to situations. I've been beaten, before. However, my persistence and dedication have brought me to a point where I am in shape, disciplined and capable of defending the people and causes most important to me.

As an artist, I struggle. It's business as usual. Over the past decade, I've worked to perfect my own personal style. It's the same ethic I adhere to as a fighter. Take what works for me and adjust to incorporate it. A combination of influences from all across the board, brought together into one.

The joker is a part of me that has recently blossomed. In short, it's my laid-back style of jackassery and my sense of humor. Dry wit, sarcasm, a bit of a perverted streak and improvisational ability. At one point, I was very introverted and aloof. Nowadays, I'm rather comfortable around people and unless I'm genuinely shocked, you can't really get me to shut up. *lol*

The romantic is the emotional part of me. Thanks to certain key people in my life, I'm more expressive and more capable of opening up. Honesty, forthrightness and the value of friendship make up the core of the romantic and, overall, of the person I am as a whole.

This is who I am. I am at my best and can only get better. Like it or not... Take it or leave it... Love me or hate me... I am Ace Nelson. And I AM HERE TO STAY.
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